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Adopt Grandparents
Troop 30528, Northborough

Sira Gardner, Megan Wig, Rose Marie Abate and Mackenzie Rice

For our Silver Award project, we worked with Pleasantries, an adult day care for people with Alzheimer’s disease. We organized social activities with the participants of the program and educated others about the difficulties faced by people with this disease and how they can help. We encourage others to join and continue our adopt-a-grandparent program we established at Pleasantries.

American Girl Dolls Go to
the Holyoke Public Library:
Troop 40342, Holyoke

Shelby Lear, Christine Winberg, Cailin Breen, Molly Brainard and Meagan Breen

We wanted to promote literacy in a new, fun and interactive way by implementing American Girl doll events at the Holyoke Public Library. These dolls gave girls in Holyoke an opportunity to learn about history, while promoting reading and having fun. We played interactive historical games with participating girls and connected with the community at the library. We also learned how to be a leader within the community.

American Girl Dolls Go to
the Holyoke Public Library:
Troop 40342, Holyoke

Josephine Moriarty, Shannon Dion, Angela Downey and Skylar Rocke

Our goal was to provide an American Girl experience for girls in Holyoke, regardless of socioeconomic status. We held car washes and sold Girl Scout Cookies in order to raise the funds need to purchase American Girl dolls which we then donated to Holyoke Public Library. This experience helped us realize the challenges and rewards of money earning and advertising. We also enjoyed the creative process and learned different ways to communicate with our community through our advertisements, writings and speeches.

Blankets for Love
Troop 11127, Whitinsville

Meighan Casey

I addressed the root issue of dogs in shelters needing to be comforted. I gathered donations of fleece and other materials to provide blankets for the local dogs in a shelter. For this project, I had to learn the skill of sewing and it was a challenge to get the material of blankets donated. This project taught me to be responsible and stick to a commitment.

Bolton Community Garden
Troop 30047, Bolton

Allison Scott, Kalia Casco, Sarah McGregor, Hannah Castner and Elema Naze

Our Silver Award Project was to establish a vegetable garden at the Bolton Community Garden to provide our community with fresh and organic food. We constructed plots to grow tomatoes, corn and other vegetables. We were able to successfully grow and provide vegetables to the Hudson Food Pantry, Bolton Senior Center and other food-based charities. We learned that it takes commitment, time, dedication and team work to grow a garden.

Coloring Books
Troop 30585, Milford
Mikayla Hopkins

My Coloring Books project was designed to keep children entertained while in a hospital and allow the adult to focus on the person who was in the hospital instead of the child’s boredom. Coloring books and crayons were purchased and donated to the Milford Regional Hospital. This project helped me realize that I can accomplish a large project on my own and make a difference in the community. I also learned that offering your help and dedicating personal time to a cause is the best thing you can give.

Costume Capers
Troop 40230, Westfield

Kristen Stawasz, Jordon Bower, Allison Bower, Paige Stawasz and Heather O’Connor

For our Silver Award Project, we made new costumes for Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church’s Christmas pageant. The old costumes were worn and falling apart, so we decided to make new costumes to ensure the Christmas pageant will be able to continue for many years to come. We learned to use a sewing machine and that we can endure the most tedious tasks if we persevere and keep a positive attitude. We all love to sew now! Our most memorable moment is displaying the finished costumes for the parishioners of the church.

Education About Type 1 Diabetes
Troop 30970, Lunenburg

Elise Lilly, Sarah Blomgren and Ashley Blatt

Our Silver Award Project focused on education about Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). This topic was particularly meaningful to us since one of our team members has T1D. We created a YouTube video about T1D, its symptoms, treatment and the importance on finding a cure. In addition, we developed a quiz, lesson plan, and a myth and fact sheet. We presented this to our middle school health teacher who shared this information with her students, the school nurse and other local health teachers.

Emergency Kits for
Elementary Schools
Troop 20455, Monson

Laura Silva

My Silver Award project involved collecting items and making kits to equip classrooms with materials to use in the case of a weather-related emergency. Many teachers and children do not know what to do in the event of a tornado as I learned when one tore through our town. I worked to educate kids and teachers on how to respond and how to use the kits if needed. I worked with 4th graders to show them how to make sure the kits were kept up to date and nothing has broken so they can keep the project going in the classrooms.

For the Love of Pete (r Rabbit)

Isabela Ferraro

I used my project to bring awareness to the community about how rabbits can make great pets. Many rabbits get abandoned each year because of a lack of knowledge of how to properly take care for them. I filmed and edited four PSAs for my town’s Public Access TV Channel and House Rabbit Connection. I also co-hosted an event called Rabbit Adoption Awareness at the local library.

Foreign Invaders
Troop 30217, South Grafton

Julia Klisiewicz

I held a program in late September with games and activities to inform children on the growing concern of the Asian Longhorn Beetle in our community. I believe it is important for children to become part of this cause by reporting any Asian Longhorn Beetles they see. Through this project I was able to help a Brownie troop earn their “Bug” Badge. In the process of completing this project, I learned that you have to keep trying even when the first result is not as successful as you thought it would be.

Hunger Awareness
Troop 30970, Lunenburg

Isobel Bodkin and Jacklyn Gray

Our project raised awareness of the prevalence of hunger in our area and inspired others to combat hunger in the community. After doing extensive research and visiting our local food bank, we made an educational video on hunger awareness. We also ran the first annual Spring Food Drive at Lunenburg High School raising over 650 items for the food bank. We arranged a pizza party for the class who donated the most and were touched to learn that the winning class voted to donate the pizzas to a needy family.

Improving Mineral Hills
Conservation Area
Troop 40346, Florence

Molly McCutcheon, Sophia Renauld, Siobhan Powers, Meredith Pavlovich and Carly Scalzo

Improving Mineral Hills Conservation Land was a project to help preserve natural land. We wanted to give our community the opportunity to use this beautiful land. We helped rebuild the Mineral Hills Conservation by cleaning up the area, placing bridges over water and bringing awareness to our community. We will never forget the bench that was built, it was gratifying carrying the pieces of the bench and very beautiful seeing our finished product.

Internet Safety
Troop 30970, Lunenburg

Emma Jones, Kaitlyn Coppenrath and Devyn Pedersen

Cyberbullying is a growing problem in our society and we wanted to bring awareness to this important issue. Our group designed a website to provide the public with information on how to stay safe within social media. The website contains information for children, teenagers, and adults. The librarian at our local middle school added the link to the school’s website and offered to share the website with her classes. This educational journey has taught us the importance of helping one another and the impact words have on someone’s life.

Invasive Plant Species Education
Troop 30219, Grafton

Maeve Mahoney, Gabrielle
DeCosta and Elizabeth DeCosta

Our Silver Award Project was about educating our community about Gummere Woods and Grafton Land Trust. We collaborated with three other girls to research invasive plants in Gummere Woods and put together nature walks and hikes to teach people about the invasive species. Our community benefited greatly as well as our local environment and the caretakers of other local forests. By bringing awareness to Grafton, we hope the community will take action to preserve and take care of the environment we live in.

Keep Dogs and Cats Safe
and Out of Shelters
Troop 30528, Northborough

Sherilyn Hinchey, Elise Gallagher and Nicole English

We wanted to address three issues with our project: the need for donations of food to shelters and food pantries; the need for shelters for feral cats; and the importance of educating children to be safe around animals. We created a class to teach children how to interact with animals and read an animal’s body language. We developed set of lesson plans so that the classes could be repeated. We also collected canned goods and pet food to support the shelter and built feral cat shelters to be placed in the community to provide a safe home for feral cats.

Knitting for Those in Need
Troop 30484, Northborough

Natalie Sunray and Sarah Newman

For our project, we taught children how to knit so they can pass the knowledge on to others and help our community. During the class, we educated them about Northborough Helping Hands to show how kids how they can help better their community through the local Giving Tree program which provides warm hats, mittens and scarves to people in need. We created easy to learn knitting videos for YouTube and our advisor is going to show her classes our videos in the future and educate them about the project.

New Making History
Troop 30217, South Grafton

Shaughnessy Docekal

For my Silver Award I wanted to educate others about some lesser known pieces of Grafton history. Everyone remembers things that were important during their time but they are not known or talked about today I wanted to show that even the smallest headlines are part of our history. I created a program educated youth in town about the history in a fun and engaging way with hands on activities. The Grafton Historical Society has continues with the programs I have created.

Pouches for Education
Troop 34859, Westborough

Megan Donaty

My Silver Award project was focused on helping children in my town receive much needed school supplies. I did not want any kids to feel left out because they did not have the resources to purchase school supplies. I upcycled Capri Sun juice boxes into pencil cases and then I baby-sat to obtain money to buy additional supplies. I made over 100 pencil cases and over 60 were filled with supplies. I was elated that I could help children in need by giving them needed supplies to help them have a great school year.

Rotation Meal/Supervision
Schedule for Montachusett
Interfaith Hospitality Network
Troop 30970, Lunenburg

Ariana Farr, Isabella Magane
and Jessica Fager

We created a rotation meal & volunteer website that enabled church coordinators to easily update a monthly schedule and inform others of upcoming planning and coverage. We created a step-by-step instruction manual for the three IHN’s in Massachusetts. Creating the website and manual enables MIHN (and IHN) staff and church coordinators to better assist the families at the shelter, we learned that even though we’re young we are still strong leaders that are determined, organized and dedicated to helping others in need.

Sharing the Love of Reading
Troop 30585, Milford

Emily Condon

I created a four-week class for Pre-Schoolers during which we read, sang songs and made crafts. All of the books I created focused on Spring- We even got grass to grow. Each week, parents would receive a flyer on the importance of literacy and suggestions on how to engage their child in reading. I chose this project because I love to read and I learned that I really enjoy working with children.

Stamp Out Hunger
with a Camp Out
Troop 20168, Longmeadow

Katherine Kelley and
Isabel Cummings

We learned that one in five people in our region do not have a secure food source. We also noted an excess amount of food at the end of our past camporees. So, when we ran the fall camporee this time, we decided to stamp out hunger by giving the excess food to those in need. We delivered food to the Rescue Mission, ran a food drive and volunteered at the Food Bank of Western Mass. We also educated Girl Scouts and leaders on the wide-spread need for food and developed a Camporee manual for other Girl Scouts, including a resource of donation sites.

Sustainable Spreading
of Rabies Information
Troop 11309, Sterling

Caitlin Sabourin and Sarah Basiner

We made a rabies awareness video in which we interviewed Dr. Dettlinger of Sterling Vet Clinic and Lou Massa, the Sterling Animal Control Officer. This video is now broadcasted twice a year before bi-annual rabies clinics on our local cable channel. We did this project because we wanted to educate the public and pet owners about the dangers of rabies. We care about animals, humans, and what happens to them. We discovered there is a lack of knowledge in the community about rabies. Hopefully, this will be a sustaining educational tool to be used for years to come.

Weduce Weuse Wecycle
to Help the Needy
Troop 30484, Northborough

Isabella Masciarelli, Ruth Ricciuti and Gabriella Thompson                   

We have a passion for helping our community and we all have an interest in school and teaching. We began by researching schools in Worcester with low-income families who could not afford all the supplies needed for school. We then put together a school supply drive and raised money to purchase backpacks. These supplies were brought to Burncoat Preparatory School, where the children will receive these supplies for years to come. We benefited from this experience just as much as the school we helped.

Whitney Conservation Area
Trail Heads
Troop 30203, Mendon

Olivia Desmond, Rebecca Pfeiffer and Sarah Hetu

Our Silver Award project was making and installing trail signs for the Whitney Conservation Area in Upton. We made over 50 signs for the trail system by stenciling and painting the letters, then priming and varnishing the signs to protect them from the weather. We installed the signs along the trails. This project was chosen because the trails that had been laid out were not marked and people were getting confused as to where to go. We all enjoyed working and hiking outdoors.

Wood Duck Habitat Project / Land Trust Education Walk
Troop 30219, Grafton

Stephanie Butler and
Olivia Johnston

For our Silver Award Project we hosted a nature walk and educated our local community on the wood duck species and how to keep wood ducks safe from predators. We requested a grant from Grafton Land Trust to build and install three Wood Duck Houses. To prepare for the hike, we developed a manual which was intended to educate the community about Wood Ducks, an endangered species, along with the many types of plants and animals around them.

The WHo-What-When-Where-Whys
Troop 30633, Westborough

Meghan O’Keefe, Jillian Smith
and Audrey Lord

Our Silver Award project was to develop resources to help community members learn about our town. First, we made a booklet of important contact information and made it accessible through the library and town’s website. Next, we made videos highlighting key town departments and lastly, we photographed well-known places around town to broaden the information in our project. Although we came across some challenges, such as camera malfunctions and scheduling difficulties, our project turned out successful in the end and it was a great experience.



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