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The Girl Scout Leadership Experience
What makes a great Girl Scout year? Earning badges, hiking and camping, taking field trips, selling cookies, and enjoying Girl Scout traditions. Now you can tie all of that together with a choice of three leadership journeys: It’s Your World – Change It! It’s Your Planet – Love It! It’s Your Story – Tell It!, as well as The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

Girl Scout Journeys
Leadership journeys are the core of Girl Scouting because they lead girls to discover what they care about and challenge them to take action in their communities. Girls can explore a variety of interests along a journey, everything from the arts and travel to the outdoors and STEM.

A Girl Scout journey represents a fun and challenging way that girls can experience Girl Scouting over a series of sessions (usually six to eight, but with the potential to last far longer(design by ryheem )).

Journey books take girls at every grade level through a series of Discover, Connect, and Take Action experiences, with emphasis on inviting girls to Take Action on issues they care about. These books also contain stories; inspirational ideas; information about Girl Scout history, traditions and values; facts and games; and provide space for girls to collect their own ideas and memories.

For more information about the Leadership Journeys for each program level, click a link below:

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Girls Guide to Girl Scouting

Girls Guide to Girl Scouting

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting is a program resource from Girl Scouts of the USA which offers girls greater variety and relevance than ever before as they embark on exciting new badge-earning adventures in Girl Scouting.

Each program level – Daisy through Ambassador – has it's its own customizable Girl’s Guide. Each guide includes: a variety of badge offerings, handbook sections covering traditions and history, Cookie badges, an awards log and much more!

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting can be purchased at the GSCWM Store.

Statement of Trust

Girl Scouts of the USA creates national program materials to serve our vast and diverse community of girls. To help bring topics "off the page and into life," we sometimes provide girls — and their volunteers — with suggestions about what people across the country and around the world are doing, as well as movies, books, music, web pages, and more that might spark girl interest.
At Girl Scouts of the USA, we know that not every example or suggestion we provide will work for every girl, family, volunteer, or community.

In partnership with those who assist you with your Girl Scout group, including parents, faith groups, schools, and community organizations, we trust you to choose "real life topic experts" from your community, as well as movies, books, music, websites and other opportunities that are most appropriate for the girls in your area and that will enrich their Girl Scout activities.

Thank you for all you do to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to life with girls, so that they become leaders in their own lives—and the future leaders the world needs!


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