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Choose a journey…add The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting…you’ve got The Girl Scout Leadership Experience for Cadettes. Journeys use the three keys to leadership: Discover, Connect and Take Action. There are three Cadette leadership journeys to choose from; each has its own book with its own theme and awards. During their journey girls will Discover their values and skills, Co​nnect with others, and Take Action to make the world a better place.

How Cadettes Use the Journeys and Girl's Guide To Girl Scouting

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Life is a maze of relationships and this journey has Girl Scout Cadettes maneuvering through all its twists and turns to find true friendships, plenty of confidence, and maybe even peace. Girls can make “peacemaker kits,” learn about bullying behavior, and complete a take-action project that thrives on these relationship skills. Meeting Sessions For This Journey


Air is everywhere in BREATHE. And as Cadettes explore the air they’ll learn to assess air quality inside and out as they gain an aerial view of everything from cigarette smoking to noise to deforestation. Along the way, they’ll try some scientific experiments and meet scientists, engineers, writers, and artists—all of them working for Earth’s air. Above all, BREATHE inspires Cadettes to create “breathing room” to be leaders who use their flair to make a difference in the world. Meeting Sessions For This Journey


Cadettes put the “me” in MEdia as this journey encourages them to explore the great, big multimedia world around them and then remake media to better match the reality they know. Along the way, Cadettes become aware of the value of media, its limitations and effect, and the power they have to lead and inspire others. Meeting Sessions For This Journey


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The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting is designed to complement the journeys at each grade level. This means that each Skill-Building Badge Set (there are currently three; each is sold separately from the Girl’s Guide) is tied to one of the three journeys. You’ll find that doing a journey and the related badge set at the same time will make it easy to offer the entire National Program Portfolio—journeys and badges—in a seamless way.

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